FAQ's about Harbortouch

Is Harbortouch Free?

The POS hardware and software is not exactly free.  There are no initial up-front costs. However, there is a small, predictable monthly service and support fee.  You get to enjoy the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any POS system on the market.

Is Installation Included at No Charge?

Yes!  With the Harbortouch Elite Bar and Restaurant POS system, you get installation included at no additional charge.

Is Menu Programming Included?

Yes! You get a full menu programming for your system, no matter how difficult or complicated to setup.  You send us your menu items, and we program it before your system ships out.

Is Credit Card Processing Integrated?

Yes.  Your new POS system includes full credit card processing.  To sign up with Harbortouch, you need to use Harbortouch's integrated credit card processing services.  Our rates are extremely competitive, and we will match or beat any other processors you're currently using.

Is Hardware Under Warranty?

Yes, there is a replacement warranty for all equipment due to normal wear and tear or defects as long as you are a Harbortouch merchant.

What Kind of Support is There?

Support and training are available 24/7 x 365.  Support is handled by our US support team.  Training is controlled remotely by our in-house training team, and training videos are available at any time.

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