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A Smart Point of Sale System for
Restaurants and Bars

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with smarter operations management (SOM). With Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant , you can finally get all the reporting and features you need to run your business more efficiently and to be more profitable.  Harbortouch gives you best-in-class POS hardware and POS software that is smarter and faster than any other restaurant and bar point-of-sale terminal on the market.


Also, with Harbortouch's free POS program, there is no need to go into debt just to purchase new POS terminals.  Our point-of-sale program allows you to get a brand new smart restaurant POS solution with no up-front costs.  You're going to love it.  We can't wait to learn more about your business and to give you the tools needed to be more profitable starting at $49 a month.


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Bar Rescue POS System - Jon Taffer endorses Harbortouch

A Best-In-Class Point-of-Sale (POS) Solution


Work Smarter

Manage your business with the features and tools professionals use to be efficient and successful.  Provide a better customer experience and make more revenue.


Enjoy Reports Galore

You want reports?  We have all the reports.  All the valuable financial information you need including tracking inventory, monitor sales, manage labor and more.


Make More Revenue

If you want to become more profitable with your operations, you need to minimize errors in orders, watch your labor costs and stop shrinkage.  We have that covered.

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The best thing is, it actually works.

Check out some of these amazing features and options you get with the New Harbortouch Elite Bar & Restaurant POS System.

Next Level Restaurant Solutions

iPad® Tableside Ordering

Input orders directly from the customer at their table or bar top!  Increase efficiency by not have to run back and forth to the POS terminal. Add a runner, and you just went pro.

Accept Online Orders

Take orders from your website.  Online ordering offers a branded and customized menu that integrates directly into your POS system.

Accept Online Reservations

There's no need to pay hundreds of dollars a month to accept online reservations.  It's integrated into the POS.  Manage bookings on your Harbortouch point of sale system or an Apple iPad.

Learn more on our POS FAQS page.

Hassle Free Restaurant Management

Manage Employees

Our system has an employee tracking database that shows accurate information and details on each employee.  Manage security levels, track worked hours, monitor sales performance, and edit timesheets.

Customer Database

Take care of your regular customers and perfect for loyalty programs, with our database, you can quickly view order history and personal details.

Menu Customization

No need to take down your network to make a simple menu change.  Add, edit, delete menu items in real-time with a very user-friendly interface.  Organize the menu easily to fit your bar or restaurant best.

Harbortouch Elite Smart POS System for Bars and Restaurants
jon-taffer-harbortouch smart pos system

Smarter Operations Management
- Jon Taffer Approved!

Efficient Ordering

Have a complicated order?  Piece-of-cake.  Easily transfer tickets, change tables, slip checks, add discounts, update taxes and gratuity.

Discounts with Ease

Very flexible setup and customization for coupons, specials or other discount types.  Enter the discounts manually or automatically calculate based on day, time or items ordered.

Manage Tables

Track tables in your bar or restaurant to see which table tops are occupied, which are empty and how many customers are at each table.

Harbortouch Reviews

Don't take our word for it.  We have a full web page of video testimonials dedicated to customer reviews of our POS systems.  Watch Harbortouch customer reviews here.

Harbortouch Awards

Top 5 Restaurant POS Award
POS USA Top 5 Restaurant POS Award

SOM Bar POS System for Bars and Restaurants

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